About PetPDC

Our love for our pets affects us in many ways. For many, it's the enjoyment of their company, the wet kiss when you get home from work, the game of fetch in the back yard, or the warm ball of fur curled up beside you on a cold night. Here at PetPDC, they have not only shaped how we enjoy our day to day lives, they have given us the opportunity to make their lives better. The desire to enrich their lives has played an integral role in shaping our business philosophy and has encouraged us to push the limits of the everyday pet product market. 

Creating and seeking out unique pet products that will keep your pets safer, healthier and happier, is what makes us tick. We are shaped by a lifetime of experience in wholesale distribution, manufacturing and marketing, as well as an understanding of the realities of retail pet supply that you can only get by owning a shop. It's our pleasure to pass the fruits of our passion on to you and your customers.